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On behalf of the Sri Lanka Orthodontic Society ( SLOS) it is with a deep sense of pride an honor that I write this message. Sri Lanka Orthodontic Society. was inaugurated on  Date/2xxx in Sri Lanka with handful number of Specialists in Sri Lanka. Since then, SLOS has always been moving forward by promoting excellence in orthodontics through education and research in Sri Lanka. Moreover, SLOS is aiming to disseminate scientific and artistic information relating to orthodontics particularly through its biennial congress SLOS.

As you may aware orthodontics is a well established specialty in Sri Lanka and in addition, an important aspect of Dento facial aesthetics. New technologies in the delivery of orthodontic care are emerging at an alarming rate. Basically orthodontics is the prevention and correction of occlusal anomalies, which is intimately related to facial growth and development of the dentition.

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Dr. Ratakumara Dissanayake.
B.D.S( Sri Lanka); MS( Col); MOrthRCS( Ed); FDSRCS( Ed)

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