Presidents Message

President’s Message (Sri Lanka Orthodontics Society)

It is a great pleasure and privilege for me to write this message on the publication of the second edition of the Sri Lankan Journal of Orthodontics. I wish to congratulate the Immediate Past President and the Council of the Sri Lanka Orthodontic Society for initiating the publication of the Journal. After the 1st edition was published, we thought to publish the subsequent journals in only electronic version due to some limitations including the printing cost. However, we are very happy that we have been able to publish and release this edition also like the 1st edition, in both printed as well as electronic versions at the time of the Sri Lanka Orthodontic Conference 2020 considering the advantages on having journal in both forms. The use of printed journal is time tested, has developed over several centuries, and has evolved to fulfill easy dissemination of information, quality control and recognition of authors. On the other hand, electronic journal has several advantages than printed one such as journal can include more images and audio-visual material, provide hypertext links, possible to search content pages/ full text of journals, journals can be interactive, possible to have article-level metrics, etc.

Even though we publish this edition after two years since the 1st publication of SLJO, we have not received enough contributions from local authors. We did not have compulsory research component in our orthodontic program in the past and it was primarily a clinical training. As the research component has been included as a compulsory item in the current MD orthodontic program, I am sure there will be more research articles from local authors. We are glad to have contribution of articles mostly from overseas renowned authors who are very keen on the progress and development of Sri Lanka Orthodontic Society.

Lifelong learning is the voluntary, continuous, and self-motivated search for knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. We, as professionals, should strive to develop the desire to learn lifelong to keep abreast with the new developments to deliver the best possible care to our patients. We should give all possible treatment options with advantages and disadvantages for each option and facilitate the patient to involve in the decision making on planning treatment. Although at present there are many resources available for enthusiastic academics, clinicians and post graduate students to contribute or update his/ her knowledge, it is a pride and pleasure for our SLOS members to use our own Journal as one of the resources for professional development activities.I would like to express my gratitude to the Chief editor of the Sri Lankan Journal of Orthodontics Dr Mithran Goonewardene for his contribution towards this Journal and other professional activities of the Sri Lanka Orthodontic Society as well as editorial board of this Journal for fulfilling their tasks to produce this edition. I am also grateful to the reviewers who have performed their duty in spite of their busy commitments to include peer-reviewed articles that are important part of keeping up with current trends and research in orthodontics.
I hope you find this edition useful and interesting.

Dr. K. Paranthamalingam
Sri Lanka Orthodontic Society

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